I wil remember

I am no one if not not-me, and this I keep forgetting; if I settle for this being, then I’ve forgotten myself; not, mind you, a self which I can identify (that will never please me), but myself as only “I see”; not seeing nor thinking itself, which is in danger of this forgetting pattern;Continue reading “I wil remember”

Said the Forest to the Fox

The fox-who-was-a-boy fled the wilderness into the wood, where forgetting has no place, into the wood that remembers every facet of the world, where all of history and knowledge flourish, where every tree tells a story made of words solid unspoken, as textured as bark. The boy-fox sought sanctuary in the thick, wrinkled skin ofContinue reading “Said the Forest to the Fox”

The Forgetter and the Fox

The Forgetter walked, wearing the clothes of the host and carrying the work of the poet in a pack on his back.  In his right hand, he held an empty cup, and in his left, a letter.  Or rather, not a letter so much as an envelope. The Forgetter was also once someone else (asContinue reading “The Forgetter and the Fox”